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R-Line Electrolye Drink

R-Line Electrolyte concentrates

R-line electrolyte drink has been designed specifically for endurance athletes to aid performance and provide fast hydration. It’s packed with the perfect combination of carbs and electrolytes with high amounts of sodium at 226mg per 250ml serve, and a blend of three carbohydrates so you can go faster and harder, for longer.

  • Each bottle makes 10 litres

  • 6 delicious fresh tasting flavours

  • Made with natural essences

  • Make by the bottle or the barrel, easy as

  • No more lumpy, bland powders

  • NZ’s highest level of total electrolytes in an electrolyte drink

  • Made with multiple transportable carbohydrates for an endurance boost that’s easy to stomach

  • Made in New Zealand

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