Bureta Bombs

Bureta Bombs

Bureta Bombs are a medicine we manufacture in our pharmacy for the prevention of travel or motion sickness.

Our formulation comprises one capsule containing 3 ingredients:

Promethazine, Caffeine and Ginger.

The promethazine is an antihistamine that helps counter sea sickness.

The caffeine helps counteracts the drowsiness that may be caused by the antihistamine.

The powdered ginger helps aid normal digestive processes and a queasy stomach.

 We recommend that 1 or 2 capsules are taken before travelling.  This one dose is effective for approximately 8-12 hours.

Some other details are:   We can only sell them to you for your own personal use, only to NZ residents and we can only sell 10 capsules at a time.

We will not supply them to any dive or fishing charter organisation or other commercial organisation. The product is not suitable for diving.

Children under 12 years old cannot take them, pregnant women cannot take them and patients with a history of heart problems e.g. heart by-pass surgery or irregular heart beats or faulty heart valves, cannot take them.

The only side effect (apart from possible drowsiness) may be a slightly dry mouth.

Contains Lactose.

We do accept phone or email orders for the seasick capsules.

One 10 capsule bottle is $18.50 plus a courier fee of NZ$6.50 (Additional rural fee applies).

Delivery time is 1 - 3 days.

In New Zealand, one of the ingredients (the antihistamine) is a 'Pharmacist Only Medicine'. This means that the sale of this medicine needs to be under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.

The pharmacist will need to ask questions about your health and medication you might be taking to ensure that it is a safe option for your needs. It can only be sold once the pharmacist is satisfied it will be used correctly and safely.

These should not be shared with anyone else due to side effects and possible interactions with other medicines.

People on medication causing sedation, blood thinners and those suffering with allergies should consult their Doctor before taking this type of medicine.

Please contact us by email here if you would like to discuss ordering a pack of 10, or phone us at 075769600.