Meet the Team

We have a friendly dedicated and well trained staff to help you meet your health related enquiries. 

Some of the team job share or are part time so you may only see them on certain days of the week.

We have 3 pharmacists - Simon, Brenda and Delphine to advise customers and oversee the smooth running of the Pharmacy. Click here to find out what a pharmacist does.

We have 3 pharmacy technicians - Michele and Tracey, who help the pharmacists in the dispensary but also in the main shop serving customers. Click here to find out what a pharmacy technician does.

Of course we have Robyn our shop assistant, responsible for serving customers, keeping the shop well stocked and looking ship shape. She uses her creative flair to put together some fantastic shop windows. On any given day, Robyn would probably cover more ground than all the staff combined - a busy lady!

We have our team of delivery people - Nick and Sam, who work each afternoon getting our free deliveries out to customers in the "Cube".

Behind the scenes we have Jackie (Wife of Simon) who "cooks the books", makes sure the creditors are paid in time, and makes sure Simon doesn't spend too much!

All staff are required to make a good perculated coffee. On site training is provided to meet Simons' strict caffeine beverage protocol.