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Travel Checklist

If you are going overseas soon, here's a check list for you to consider before you depart...(some of these may not be readily available at your destination, while others may be good for the journey)...

  • PASSPORT! – Check it's valid!!
  • Regular medication - You would be surprised at how many people actually leave their medication at home! Some medicines should not be stopped without consulting your Doctor – check before you go. If you are taking a reasonable quantity, ask your Doctor for a letter of explanation so you can get through customs smoothly.
  • Anti Malarial Medication – Depending on your destination you may require protection from the malaria infection
  • Travel Vaccinations – Again, don’t leave this to the last minute. Some countries require proof of vaccinations before entry. Make sure you are protected.
  • Motion Sickness – We have formulated our own medicine called “Bureta Bombs” to help prevent and relieve motion sickness. This is a pharmacist only medicine You will need to discuss with one of our pharmacists if it is suitable for you.
  • Vitamins – Another good way to boost your energy levels, but can also help prevent infections. Vitamin B in high doses can help prevent insect bites!
  • Sunscreen – (Jelaous!) The quality of sunscreens can vary. New Zealand has rigid quality standards, so your might as well be prepared and buy one before you leave (by the way – check the expiry date!)
  • No Jet Lag – this homeopathic remedy is safe to use with other medicines. This helps the body cope with the stress involved in travelling. Avoiding alcohol and drinking plenty of water helps reduce jet lag too.
  • First Aid Kit –Some small dressings, antiseptic cream and a crepe bandage may be all you need, needles and syringes, surgical scissors or a scalpel may help too.
  • Pain relief - think about a small box of paracetamol or ibuprofen, always useful for a headache, sore throat or a bump! Liquid preparations for the kids especially useful.
  • Antihistamine tablets/Cream – an allergic reaction could be triggered by food, medicine or direct contact with something – the first step to reduce the reaction is antihistamine.
  • Antiseptic cream –. Antiseptics don’t necessarily heal an infection, but may help prevent the infection getting worse.
  • Anti Diarrhoea medication – one of the most common yet inconvenient travellers’ ailments is ‘Delhi Belly’. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to be in a third world country to get struck down.
  • Travel soap/toothpaste/shampoo etc – keep these items in your hand luggage in case your main luggage goes walkabout! (a spare change of clothing is a good idea too). Watch the pack sizes!
  • Non-prescription sleeping tablets
  • Scholl Flight Socks
  • Those funny beach booties for walking on sand and coral
  • If you're my age - spare film. If you're on of those pesky youngsters, spare device chargers or battery rechargers.
  • Insect Repellant - talk to one of our staff about whick would best suit you - some can actually affect cloth or plastic materials like tents!
  • For NZ government safe travel information - click here
  • For travel Travel health advice from the Ministry of Health - click here
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Travellers' Health information - click here
  • For complete travel health information, updated daily, for physicians and travellers - click here
  • World Health Organization - International Travel and Health here
  • Don’t forget to send us a postcard (we also have quite a liking for duty free Toblerone!!!)


Safe travels!


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