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Venosan Compression Stockings

We at Bay Health Pharmacy are agents for the Venosan range of quality medical compression stockings.

Due to the wide range of products available it isn't possible to keep these in stock, rather we help you choose the correct garment for your requirements.

This would mean we give you a form to take away. In the comfort of your own home, you'll take your own measurements and complete the form in your own time - ideally this is done first thing in the morning when any fluid build up is at its minimum.

Once we have these measurements, we pass this on to our supplier - OBEX NZ who then advise on the correct product for you.

This is when you would be given the price quote too. Price would depend on the type of garment - size and type of material (some use thinner or thicker materials).

Our staff are here to help with this process, and liase with our supplier.

Click here if you would like to look at the product range, or feel free to call us 075716164 for more information.

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