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Airphysio Average Lung Capacity OPEP Device

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Airphysio Average Lung Capacity OPEP Device


Used in the treatment of respiratory conditions like Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis and more.

AirPhysio is a drug-free handheld OPEP device designed to assist in the clearance of secretions from the lungs.

It assists in improving lung capacity by conditioning the lungs, helping to loosen mucus build-up and assisting to open up semi-closed airways.

When you exhale (breathe out) through the AirPhysio, your breath moves the steel ball inside. 

Caution: Choking Hazard, keep out of the reach of children and do not allow unsupervised children to use the AirPhysio device.

The device is designed to be pulled apart for cleaning for multiple usages. Because of this, some of the small parts like the stainless steel ball, protective cover and circular cone pose a choking hazard for children.

The AirPhysio device:

Vibrates the airways, which loosens the bond of mucus to the airway walls for mucus clearance;

Intermittently increases endobronchial pressure (positive pressure in the airways), which assists in maintaining the clearing of the airways while a person exhales so that mucus does not become trapped as it moves up the air canal;

Accelerates expiratory airflow, which facilitates the upward movement of the mucus through the airways so that it can be more easily cleared. This combined action of vibration and pressure results in the mucus moving progressively up your airways until you can cough it out.

More more info visit the AirPhysio website - click here